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“Science and research today have proven that regular meditation changes the composition of the grey matter in the human brain, causing the neural pathways to strengthen, thereby enabling us to become overall less anxious about life’s situations and better equipped to handle life’s challenges.” Yolanda Alvares

This quote out of Yolanda’s book ‘Abundant Motherhood Empowering Mums to Empower their Kids’ is just of the many nuggets of wisdom that you will find.

The benefits of meditation are plentiful, greater awareness, mindfulness, reduces stress, increases good health, slows the ageing process…. these are just the tip of the iceberg. Invest a few minutes each day to quieting the mind and reap the rewards. If you find it difficult to slow down your thoughts, try listening to a guided meditation (there are loads of these free on youtube), eventually you can move onto meditative music then pure silence. Personally I am currently into the binaural beats meditation, just pop on some headphones and revel in the journey.

Present your children with an incredibly priceless and beautiful gift to by teaching them from a young age to meditate. When they are very young you could start off by just having a few minutes of quiet time listening to meditation music, make it into a ritual. Do it together as a family, it’s such a beautiful way to spend time together. As they get older encourage them to meditate alone as well as a family. Don’t turn it into a chore, it’s something to be enjoyed and for the child to want to do it for themselves.

This simple practice will teach your child, that the skill of quieting the mind will nourish their souls and their lives in immeasurable ways.