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Abundant Motherhood

We are not perfect, and that is ok.

I’m sure every mother has an idea in their head of what a perfect mother should do, or does from bake sales to the school parents and community members. I’ll give you a newsflash, there is no such thing as a Perfect Mother, forget what you see in movies or what others at school or social groups are doing. In the end being a “perfect” mother comes down to what works for you. Every child is different, has different needs, different interests, various family dynamics.

Being a mother, you naturally try to do the absolute best for your child regardless, and this is you being a “perfect mother.”

Removing the “perfect” mother expectations will eliminate or lighten that weight which is on your shoulders, relax you and in turn relax your child. Whether you believe in positive and negative energies or not it makes sense that the more relaxes you are you will consciously or subconsciously pass on or create a more relaxed environment for your child to grow and prosper.