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Being in the Now

I used to think that when I had my child, whe I got the pay rise, when I had more money, when I lost the excess weight, when the kids were older… tha life would begin to get better. But no, I now know that it really is about the journey; it is in the now that life happens. The little jewels of life are unravelled in the ‘now’ and it is where true joy, love andgratitude are experienced and where pain and hurt happen, too. These are all, equally, our jewels of life. #Abundantmotherhood #YolandaAlvares #Selfhelpmelbourne #selfhelpbooksmums #selfhelpmumsmelbourne #bethebestmum. To learn more Book Into Our Workshop Today http://www.abundantmotherhood.com.au/assets/img/Workshop_Sheet_Book_Final_.jpg