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Busy Mum

Do you know of a mum who is so focused on meeting the needs of her children, family and home, that she puts their needs before hers? At the end of each day she is exhausted, jobs yet to be finished and then the next day she starts all over again. Even when opportunities arise for her to take some time out for herself, she has her mind on the next task, and the next. She keeps going, and she cannot stop because there is so much to be done. Could this mum’s life hold a glimpse of your own life? #Abundantmotherhood #YolandaAlvares #Selfhelpmelbourne #selfhelpbooksmums #selfhelpmumsmelbourne #bethebestmum. To learn more Book Into Our Workshop Today http://www.abundantmotherhood.com.au/assets/img/Workshop_Sheet_Book_Final_.jpg